About Us

Our History

Life Safety Certification Group, LLC a for profit company was created by WA State industry experts comprised of fire alarm contractors, engineering, HVAC and mechanical backgrounds. We focus on providing certification pathways based upon knowledge and experience that will provide confidence to the code officials and building owners on the work being performed.

After identifying a gap in code requirements, existing WA State legislation and needs from the contractor world involved in smoke control inspections, LSCG has initiated the development of an ANSI accredited Smoke Control Inspector Certification that follows the internationally recognized ISO-17024 standard.


The Community

Certification development takes a village of contributors to get right. Our community of contributing subject matter experts, based out of Washington state is comprised of Fire Marshals, Code enforcement officers, Licensed Professional Engineers, Field Inspectors and other experienced experts in the domain of smoke control inspections. Our subject matter experts represent a wide variety of industry groups including fire alarm, architectural, mechanical/HVAC, air balancing, electrical, plumbing and engineering.

Smoke Control Certification for ALL

We provide a pathway to our clients to allow them to confidently showcase their knowledge and skill as represented through the successful completion of this certification.

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