The History of LSCG

"History is merely a list of surprises. It can only prepare us to be surprised yet again."


How Our Journey Began...

In 2020, House Bill 2701 was passed into law in Washington State. It covers the enforcement, inspections, maintenance and installation of fire, smoke and combination dampers and smoke control systems. HB 2701 requires an ANSI accredited certification for inspections of smoke control systems. We are bringing you the first publicly available certification.


Our Philosophy

We believe that there should be a recognized ANSI certification pathway as outlined in House Bill 2701 that is available to all, regardless of which sector of the industry a person is employed within. A group of us concerned private sector engineers, inspectors, designers and contractors have joined forces to help create an unrestricted certification that allows professionals to comply with the regulations in Washington State and beyond.

How You Can get Involved

Life Safety Certification Group is excited to work with you. Our certification has been developed utilizing the experience and knowledge of smoke control subject matter experts; from AHJ’s , engineers, field inspectors and everything in between. Find out how you can get involved and become a contributor with our team!

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The Problem of Gaps in Smoke Control Inspections...Solved.

About Life Safety Certifications Group

  • Our Mission...

    To direct and implement certification programs to certify Fire & Life Safety Professionals by establishing industry standards and practices that are exemplified through our certification(s) content and process and supported through consensus by the industry.

  • Our Vision...

    Life safety Certifications Group (LSCG) will inspire confidence with code officials and building owners in work that supports the fire and life safety industry, while helping to save lives and reduce loss with knowledge, experience, information and vigor (passion).

Smoke Control Certification for ALL

We provide a pathway to our clients to allow them to confidently showcase their knowledge and skill as represented through the successful completion of this certification.

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