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We are excited to be in development of the first publicly available certification surrounding smoke control inspections work. A group of private contractors and engineers have combined efforts and knowledge to develop a certification that accurately reflects the knowledge and ability required to conduct integrated inspections on smoke control systems.

Though our development of this professional certification began as a response to the requirements specified in WA State House Bill 2701, we have found overwhelming consensus from private contractors, union contractors, engineering groups, code officials and AHJ’s in support of a well devised certification for Smoke Control Inspections. We are looking for your support in applying your knowledge and experience in the development of this certification.

I’m reaching out to see if you can contribute a small amount of time writing questions that will be incorporated into the certification as part of the exam. We are looking for about 10 questions from each subject matter expert on any of the four domains listed below. To be effective and keep the individual time contributions low, we have engaged with a software provider that will allow this process to be completed remotely on your schedule as it fits into your work plan. We will provide an initial workshop (1 hour) to provide the framework for writing exam questions, and then as much ongoing support as needed.

Knowledge Domains:

1. Project Information Overview

2. Smoke Control system design, components and integral subsystems

3. Smoke Control Inspection and Testing

4. Documentation, Reporting and Communication

About Life Safety Certifications Group

Life Safety Certification Group, LLC a for profit company was created by WA State industry experts and has initiated the development of an ANSI accredited Smoke Control Inspector Certification that follows the internationally recognized ISO-17024 standard.


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